Crafting iPhone 5 Accessories

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Crafting iPhone 5 Accessories

For the iPhone lovers out there, who has a new phone and is already making new accessories for it? Kate Herd is already on the case creating a new cozy for her phone. If you’ve made something, make sure to share it with us.

6 thoughts on “Crafting iPhone 5 Accessories

  1. Sara says:

    Last Sunday I made a new cozy for my yet to arrive (I ordered today) iPhone 5. Based on many designs floating out there, and on an iPad cozy I did earlier this year. The back is patchwork (three pieces of fabric), the front has a pocket for cards. It is lined with fleece and it closes using a hair elastic and a fabric covered button.
    See it here:

  2. Free Iphone Vid YT says:

    Great creation!

    Simple and beautiful.. I went to Malaysia last week and got a batik. Try using it for a casing and I am sure it will definitely look good! :-)


  3. S656 says:

    Doesn’t the phone slide out of the sock? Guess I’ll stick to my case from Alfa case from

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