Creative Fun with Back-to-School Supplies

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Creative Fun with Back-to-School Supplies

With summer winding down, it’s Back to School shopping time. And what could be more exciting than shopping for shiny new supplies? I still remember the thrill of a brand new package of Crayola markers, all to myself.

I’ve put together a collection of craft projects that celebrate the potential of the humble school supply. I hope these inspire you to take a second look at what you have in your Le Kit, (okay I’m dating myself here, right?) and how you can turn those items into something new. I’m definitely going to try making those awesome thumbtack words.


Okay, this one takes the cake, really. Set the school year off right by buttering up the teacher with a gift. Yes, adults love school supplies too!


Since you’ve got the teacher on your good side now, you might get away with a little mischief in class. Perfect tool for bugging your neighbor.


Save your tea bag wrappers from all those long nights of staying up to finish homework, and just add Modge Podge!


Loving the simplicity of this combination. Art and math tools together make beautiful results.


Jazz up your boring binder clips with some washi tape!


Erasers become play cars with a few simple cuts, thumbtacks, and paint.


Sharpies and sandwich bags. Seriously, so much more fun than doodling on paper.


Color block candles use melted crayons to create these bold pops of color.


Foam core and thumbtacks unite! So simple, though I might still cheat and laser cut my letters out, just because I can. Still doable with a knife and some patience.


Okay, this last one is a product, but I could see someone turning this into a DIY project by using an air drying clay. I wouldn’t recommend baking your USB stick (as would be required with a polymer clay).

Happy making!

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