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Knitgrrl Shannon Okey posts about her new Kindle and her crafty ideas brewing for the portable reading device. I recently got one after a crafty friend showed me hers at Maker Faire. I have to say I love the portability and the ease of reading. So how many of you have Kindles out there? Feel free to leave a comment to this post so we can keep track! Gotta love that the Kindle will let you keep up with what’s new on the CRAFT blog too!

12 thoughts on “Crafty Kindle?

  1. Tsoniki Crazy Bull says:

    I don’t have a Kindle – but I also didn’t realize you could read blogs with it. Somehow that makes it something I really want now. LOL

  2. kmckean says:

    The Kindle is great! I’ve been thinking of ways to mod my case since the day I got it. If there are any other crafters out there doing this (or to their Sony Reader case), let’s start a flickr group!

  3. Nephele says:

    I just got my Kindle two weeks ago and I’m loving it.

  4. Elena Murphy says:

    I have one and I love it. I convert PDF knitting patterns to the Kindle format so I can carry a bunch with me if I want.
    You can read SOME blogs with it. Check the Kindle Store before you buy based on that!

  5. wi says:

    I’ve got one & have been trying to come up with a new cover…something like a waterproof sleeve since I prefer to read without the cover attached. You can set up the browser with Google Reader to get free blog reading.

  6. Panjo Kids says:

    I love love love my Kindle. I can read while I knit (using the secret auto-page turn feature- alt+sero to turn on, alt+1 to start, alt+2 to turn off- turns page every 10 seconds) get caught up on blogs and RSS feeds, upload knitting patterns, even browse the internet if I want to. I also love that I can instantly be given the definition while I’m reading a book, and it remembers what page I left off on any book I’ve got. Wonderful.

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