It’s Crayola Crayon Day! Check Out These 7 Awesome Crayon Sculptures

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It’s Crayola Crayon Day! Check Out These 7 Awesome Crayon Sculptures

If you’re reading this, you probably remember playing with crayons as a child. If  you were like me, you had a hard time coloring in the lines, and wondered why those that chose to color in one direction, instead of whatever felt right at that instant, got better results. Perhaps actually coloring with crayons isn’t really your thing, but making sculptures out of them, like those below, could be an excellent alternative!

Call of the Wild


As reported on My Modern Net, this sculpture by Herb Williams involves a colorful deer drinking from a correspondingly colorful pool of water. 40,000 crayons were used to create the deer, which were melted to achieve a finished surface. A branch with an egg on it, both made of crayons, is displayed there as well.

Simple Crayon Sculpture


If expertly melting 40,000 crayons together seems like too much of a challenge for you, perhaps this simple sculpture technique would be a good starting point. Or, as shown here, it can be a good project for kids.

Vase: Turned from Crayons

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Somewhere on the difficulty scale between the 40,000 crayon deer and hot gluing a structure together, this vase is actually turned on a lathe. Crayons are melted into a block for the raw material, then shaped like a piece of wood. The results, seen in the video above, are really neat.

Melting Crayons Experiment

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If  you’re wondering what a stack of crayons melting looks like, well this video should answer the question nicely. The final results aren’t great, though it does illustrate an “ephemeral structure” as described. As shown in the first sculpture on the list, this technique can produce incredible results if controlled.

Unwanted Visitor: Portrait of Wildfire


Another piece by Herb Williams, this wildfire sculpture installed in Lubbock Texas, ironically involves non-melted crayons. The colors used look particularly vibrant, and the photography in the photos found at This is Colossal really look amazing.

Colored Pencil Creatures


Though technically not crayons, colored pencils certainly share some of the same elements are their waxy brethren. Jennifer Maestre has used them to make some really amazing creations, many with a distinctly aquatic flair!

[via SooCurious]

Geometric Pencil Sculpture


As long as we’re including pencils on this list, here’s an interesting geometric structure you can make out of pencils. It’s shown here with “normal” pencils, but something like this could be made with colored pencils for a more colorful display, or even PVC pipe for a larger structure.

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