Crazy horse lock mechanism

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Crazy horse lock mechanism

DC Dorkbot Co-Overlord Alberto Gaitán points us to this crazed proposal for a public art project on the Forth & Clyde Canal, near Falkirk, in central Scotland. Artist Andy Scott wants to create these giant sea horse heads that will raise and lower in the canal to displace the water in the locks. No word on who will pay for all of the car and truck accidents on the bridge when motorists see glowing monster horse heads rising up out of the canal to eat them.

The sculptures, based on mythical Scottish sea horses, will reach a staggering 30 metres in height if completed at full scale and will be a major landmark for The Helix, Scotland and the U.K.

The two colossal horse heads will each dip and raise through a five metre span, displacing thousands of tons of water to enable the boat lift mechanism. They will be a major civil engineering project and will involve a partnership of engineers, fabrication companies, transportation and logistics, project managers and a multitude of others, including Andy of course, as originator of the idea.

The Kelpies Forth & Clyde Canal

4 thoughts on “Crazy horse lock mechanism

  1. John says:

    It’s not clear if this is a new lock, which wouldn’t really be needed, or an addition to the already existing and slightly mental Falkirk Wheel. (Which is like a Ferris Wheel for canal boats.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    its so beautiful…

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