Creating Curls in Yarn for DIY Doll Hair

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Creating Curls in Yarn for DIY Doll Hair

Doll Hair Step 2

I am so jealous of this head of hair! Okay I know it’s just yarn, but wow what a do!  This super curly doll’s wig is made entirely from a skein of yarn. Doesn’t she reminds you of certain wild red headed Disney character?  This awesome yarn manipulation technique will definitely step up your doll making game.


wrapping the yarn

This genius behind this creation is the one and only Charlie of Pickled Okra by Charlie. Not only does she have a wicked three part tutorial (links below) showing you how to make this yarn wig. But her website has additional tutorials that will take you along her process of creating a doll from scratch. Sew a body, embellish with a hand embroidered face, sew some adorable clothes, and of course top it all off with an awesome head of yarn hair!

Wig making in three parts:

Step one: Creating the base cap.

Step two: Making curls from yarn.

Step three: Latching hair onto the base cap

I think I might have to play with this concept and create a wig for myself to wear out to Halloween this year. How about you?

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