Crochet Hamburger Dress

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Lores Hamburgerdress(Front)
Artist Joy Campia crochets some amazing pieces like this Hamburger Dress. How cute is this? But that’s not all! In keeping with her food theme, she’s also got a crochet ice cream cone dress, sundae dress, as well as some beautiful fiber sculpture of specially themed meal trays. Thanks Norma! Link.

8 thoughts on “Crochet Hamburger Dress

  1. Laughing says:

    Nice buns!
    hee, hee! ;)

  2. maartje liliajn sophie kristel sabine daryl wiegert says:

    echt een oeuk pakjee hoorr zo gaan wemet carna

  3. dana s says:

    please send me one

  4. rachel says:

    are you actually selling these?

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