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MAKE’s photo editor Sam Murphy sent us this great photo she recently took in Vienna. She writes:

I was on a lightning trip with my fiance and his parents in Germany for my soon-to-be family reunion. We were in Germany mostly, but we hopped on the train to Prague and Vienna. These were the horse and carriage rides you see all over Vienna. Not all of them where crochet like this one, but I saw maybe one or two more. (I like the silver details on the ends, the yarn seem to be faded, but it may be the yarn is dyed.) Pretty much all of them had their ears covered like this with a hat, usually of cotton. Too much to see, and too much great food to eat!

The photo — taken in front of Vienna’s famous St. Stephens Cathedral — got us excited about what other horse projects might be out there for us to crochet. These ear or fly bonnets, used to protect the horses’ ears from flies, seem to be the most common crochet project. Here’s a short list of related websites we found; feel free to post other resources or photos of projects you’ve done in the Comments!

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