Crocheted Wooden Bowl

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CRAFT: Crafting with Nature
Crocheted Wooden Bowl
By Vickie Howell
How-To Photos By: Tanner Howell
I’m always looking for new ways that knitting and crochet can be applied to other forms of craft. I’d seen fellow designers drill holes into wood pieces to embroider through, lace over, or otherwise assemble into some new kind of arty goodness — this got me thinking, “Hey, I bet I can do something similar with crochet!” I love the idea of juxtaposing something as non-pliable as wood with something traditionally softer like yarn. There’s sort of a male/female yin and yang quality to the combo, don’t you think?This basic, wooden salad bowl given a modern makeover using pineapple yarn is a realization of just that. Happy hooking!
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