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I’ve been having a fascination lately with jersey knit fabric imagining that I could easily sew up a jersey dress or two for cheap this spring. Enter in Amy Rowell’s Crybabys Boutique, an online fabric store that has some of the most amazing knit fabric I’ve ever seen. There’s a huge selection of patterns and prints, as well as woven fabrics, japanese fabrics, and rare fabrics like this cute weiner dog print. So head on over to the Crybabys Boutique now to check all the cool fabric out! Link.

78 thoughts on “Crybabys Boutique – Online Fabric Store

  1. ellen says:

    do you have pattern or style ideas for the simple dresses? These fabrics are great!

  2. brigitte says:

    thanks natalie! what neat fabrics and easy checkout options. i had to buy some :)

  3. Natalie says:

    I’ll post on the blog if I find some great simple patterns for those jersey dresses. I’m definitely on the lookout!

  4. Christy says:

    Aw man. Yet another fabric place to add to my addiction. =o)

  5. disspaointed customer says:

    Hi there:
    I hope to open dispute with paypal regarding this company. Placed my order over a month ago and nothing in my mail. I have even emailed several times, perhaps they shutdown and forgot to tell the public. Either way, a huge dissapointment, and I warn people from shopping there, even though the fabric selection is great.

  6. Kandace Thomas says:

    I ordered from Crybaby’s for some fabric I needed to make circle scarves as gifts for Christmas. I immediately cancelled the order after I realized the fabric was the wrong weight. Crybaby’s sent it anyway a week after I sent about four emails cancelling the order. I tried to dispute wit PayPal but they were no help. I finally decided to open the package this past Sunday only to find they knowingly didn’t ship all of my items (they checked which ones were in the box). In addition to the missing item, one was cut on an angle,making it less than the yardage I ordered and another was damaged. This seller absolutely ignores all emails and attempts at communication other than taking your money. Don’t shop at Crybaby’s!

  7. girlcharlee says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Crybabys Boutique is no longer in business and Girl Charlee Fabrics has taken over the inventory and customer base. The same amazing knits and fabrics are available for sale, with faster service, customer support, and lots of other great enhancements.
    Check us out at and use coupon code “CRAFTZ10” and get 10% off your first order!
    Heather Peterson

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