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Death Star Gown


This epic Death Star Gown by Death Star Girl made an appearance at the 501st Bandlands Garrison’s booth at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. With a Star Destroyer handbag in tow, this is more than a gown, it’s a walking re-enactment of fictional cosmic warfare!

It’s made in 2 layers….there’s an inner hoop skirt that has 5 rows of ruffle and 5 hoops–which are made from 3/4 steel strapping….making that skirt weigh about 11 lbs. and when resting it is about 80 inches wide.The outer layer of gray is actually double layered….it has about 900 foam tiles on it, 250 LED light, 12ft of EL wire…and I really couldn’t guess how much it weighs…but let me tell you this…it takes 9 “D” batteries to power the lights…and I broke 2 plastic hangers to hold it up….so you can imagine how much fun it is to put into the car…

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