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Chairs are kind of like puppies. They seem to follow you home. On street corners, in thrift shops, at garage sales — there is no shortage of slightly worn, perfectly lovable seats just waiting to go to a good home. And if you’re like me, and you can’t say no, pretty soon you’ll be running out of floor space. I mean, how many dinner guests can you expect when you live in 500 square feet?
Solution? Deconstruction. I love this exceptionally simple and clever tutorial by IkeaHacks for turning your unsittable chairs into what they end up being most days anyway: coat hooks. This project is based off the Dutch design studio Laphoeff’s “Dress Boys” (below). For more deconstructed chair ideas, be sure to check out Design Sponge’s “Treasure Hunting: Chairs” post. Most excellent.

10 thoughts on “Deconstructed “Dress Boy” Chairs

  1. ThievingMagpie says:

    The Elizabeth Queen blog post was lifted wholesale from This design was one of their top hacks of 2010
    though she does give the OP photo credit. :)
    Love this idea & might use it in my son’s new room!

  2. says:

    not sure what the Jeremy Shockey spam has to do with anything, but the real mystery is: what is a *cook hook*? Why would you want to hang up your cook??? As the primary cook in my family, i object to this concept! :^)

  3. says:

    I checked on the link from ThievingMagpie and she’s right – Elizabeth Queen lifted this from IkeaHackers. Please change the link to the original source (since she credits the pictures but not the text, and her “tutorial” is almost word-for-word the same as the previously published IkeaHack!).

  4. Katie Wilson says:

    Thank you everyone (ignoring Elaine123) for the revisions. Updated!

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