Decor It Yourself – DIY Jewelry Organizer

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Decor It Yourself on Threadbanger shows you how to make your own DIY jewelry organizer.

6 thoughts on “Decor It Yourself – DIY Jewelry Organizer

  1. St. Pie says:

    Can’t believe no one’s commented! Love your video, gave me just what I was looking for, thanks:)

  2. St. Pie says:

    another thing: can you tell me where to find the vintage china multi-layer cake dish, or jewellery dish, or rather, how to make one like it? thanks.

  3. ImVictoriasMom says:

    Your vids are always so full of wonderful things to do and your tips are so helpful. Keep up the good work. I agree.. would love the info for making the Jewelry dish tree, too! TY for such awesome work you guys do.

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