Denim Sandal Boots

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Denim Sandal Boots

They’re sandals… they’re jeans… they’re boots. Etsy shop DaniKfashion carries some eye-catching denim sandal boots, complete with belt loops and usable pockets. So, don’t throw out your old jeans! They might not fit around your waist anymore, but I bet you can get them around your ankles.


24 thoughts on “Denim Sandal Boots

  1. derkins says:

    just because you can make something, doesn’t mean you should. yikes.

    1. Sue Watson Prewitt says:


  2. Katie says:

    That is the ugliest thing I’ve seen all week.

  3. Lizzie Fox says:

    Those are one (two?) of the most hideous things I’ve ever seen, and are being ridiculed all over the internets. Rightly so.

  4. Laura Cochrane says:

    It’s surprising to me that these are getting such a strong reaction. Is it the idea of your pants around your ankles? Or just this style of sandal? I guess a little bit of both. I personally wouldn’t wear them, but the maker is clearly not taking themselves 100% seriously, so it’s silly that teh internets is.

  5. DeeLightful Co says:

    I think it is intriguing. But I think I would like it as a boot. Maybe with a scarf belt. Also you have to consider the source of the comments. Just sayin’

  6. bitty says:

    what’s next? an apple head doll revival?
    perhaps some decoupaged Popsicle stick piece?

    You’re slowly taking the craftsman out of craft…tighten up your curation already.

  7. chellybeancraftingChellybean says:

    I like them. They wouldn’t look good with most outfirs, but paired with the right summer dress :) I think they would be so cute, and defiantly catch some funny looks!!! And this is not taking the craftsman out of craft!! I say yay!! You people need better things to do then knock on other people’s work!

  8. chellybeancrafting says:

    outfits* not outfirs! Way to go me.

  9. mr. jones says:

    those are frkn awsome watch when they sell like uggs im surprized levi didnt come up with this chit! loooove em!

  10. Mariah says:

    i love them!:) dont hate, i just wish i could figure out how to make them!

  11. trina easton says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I was google searching for blue jean sandal boots and what do you know, I ran across these. Life’s too short to blend in. These shoes are the ish!!!!

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