Diana Eng on Project Runway

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Diana Eng on Project Runway

Calling herself the “fashion nerd”, Designer Diana Eng brings her technology sense to the fashion world on the TV show “Project Runway” which can be seen every Wednesday nights at 10pm on Bravo. From the site, “She hopes to make the fashion-minded more interested in the research process and the scientific-minded more interested in fashion as a form of self-expression. Diana is currently co-creating an online show called iheartswitch.com, a do-it-yourself fashion website designed to switch girls onto technology by teaching them how to make accessories and apparel with embedded electronics from everyday supplies.” Not only do Diana’s creations incorporate technology in a useful and ingenious manner, they look amazing too! We can’t wait to watch tonight to see what she makes next. Thanks Kevin and Eliot! Project Runway and Link.

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  1. SwitchGirl says:


    Please correct switchit.tv with http://WWW.IHEARTSWITCH.COM

    Thank you :)

  2. bonniegrrl says:

    I also interviewed Diana and some of the other Project Runway designers about their love for Star Wars here if you want to see another cool-geek side of Diana:


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