dICEHOUSES – Art Shanty Projects 2009

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dICEHOUSES – Art Shanty Projects 2009

The Art Shanty Projects is an artist community and exhibition that forms each winter on the frozen surface of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota. My friend Mike Haeg entered his dICEHOUSES project this year—5 gigantic dice icehouses, each outfitted with a cozy table and a pack of playing cards.


Nowadays, we hardly sit at the same table and interact face to face with each other. As families, we eat in shifts or on the fly. We communicate more through our phones and email than we do with our own smiles, eyes and touch.. With the increasing popularity of video game systems, gameplay has become less intimate as people sit on a sofa facing the television instead of each other.

By creating 5 tiny little dicehouses designed around 2-4 people sitting close together playing games together, we hope to rekindle the warmth and art of face to face interaction and gameplay for our visitors.

Each dicehouse will be heated exclusively by the warmth of conversation and the closeness of the people within it.

I’d like to get out this weekend and take some photos, but right now my attention is completely drawn to these amazing aerial shots taken by MNkitemnan. Using a kite-flown camera, he was able to capture this unique perspective of the event from 60-75 feet in the air.

The Art Shany Projects 2009 exhibition is open until February 14. Check it out. Bring a coat.

MNkitemnan’s Art Shany Projects 2009 Photography
Art Shanty Projects

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