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Here’s an incredible time lapse video of a Dinosaur workshop, anyone know more about this? Link.

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  1. eccramer says:

    WWD most likely stands for “Walking With Dinosaurs”, a Discovery Channel series from a few years ago. The dinosaurs seem to be a Chasmasaurus versus a Utahraptor or Deinonychus at the end (most likely the former just due to size). Also, there’s shots of an Ankylosaur of some species and a Stegosaurus plate.

  2. ErikLindemann says:

    Indeed this is for Walking With Dinosaurs. This is a live “on stage” version. There’s other videos about it on youtube that show little kids petting the dinosaurs and having pictures taken with them.

    These are truly some amazing models..

  3. PuppetVision says:

    This is from “Walking With Dinosaurs”, the stage show based on the BBC Series. The video(s) of it have actually been floating out on the web for awhile, but some people are only now discovering them.

    The dinosaurs were put together but a world-class special effects team that includes veterans of the Star Wars trilogy and Jim Henson’s “Farscape” series. They are generally considered to be the most advanced animatronic puppets ever created. I posted links to some photos and similar video on my blog back in December – http://puppetvision.blogspot.com/2006/12/monday-afternoon-inspiration-walking.html

    The show toured Australia this winter (well, it was summer down under) and is coming to the U.S. in July. The first announced dates are in Washington state and you can get info at http://www.dinosaurlive.com

  4. grumbleputty says:

    It’s part of a stage show, called the “Walking with Dinosaurs Live Experience”. It toured Australia recently, and the first US dates have been announced for you lucky bastards in Spokane and Tacoma. The US tour site is here .

  5. trebuchet03 says:

    You guys (Make:) posted this awhile back with details :p


    “Animatronics are tricky You want your puppet to look natural, when it is really a robot. When you need them big, you’ve got to use hydraulics, which are powerful enough to wreck you. Check out this video that shows the making of some giant animatronic dinosaurs. Keep an eye out for the controls which look like they’ve been made pretty intuitive, which makes sense since it’s a live animatronics show. Animatronics are fussy, I’d love to hear the stories from the puppeteers and engineers who have to become puppet hospital on a regular basis for this show”.



  6. hazwah says:

    I saw the show about 3 weeks back ! The tour started in Australia (Brisbane) and i was lucky enough to see it in Melbourne.

    Absolutely awesome is what i’d describe it as…mindblowing

    Its more or less aimed at kids, but being a big kid myself, anyone with an appreciation for either dinosaurs or robotics would love it.

    Normally we get everything down under well after the rest of the world, but this time i couldnt beleive my luck ;)

    If you can make sure you go…


  7. anKo says:

    HOLY GOD! I want that raptor suit.

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