DiResta: Buck Knife Auto Conversion

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DiResta: Buck Knife Auto Conversion


Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted a switch-blade knife. There is something so satisfying about the flick of the blade! When I was old enough, I started my collection (as seen recently on my YouTube channel). I own two Buck 110 autos. Many people mistakenly believe I made them automatic. So in this video, I attempt to make a conversion: folding knife to automatic.

It’s my first try with a Buck knife. I was successful in concept, but not in the materials I chose. The knife was working fine, but after I re-assembled it, it was difficult to repair. Then the switch began to fail. So here you see me learn a few things for my next attempt. If at first you don’t succeed try again! Stand by for second attempt!

Thank you!

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Editor’s note: The legality of switchblade knives varies by country and state. For U.S. laws, check this table. Interestingly, even in jurisdictions where switch-operated knives are illegal, another type of spring-opening knife, the “assisted opener,” is often legal. In an assisted opener, you have to nudge the blade partially open, generally with a thumb stud, before the spring takes over and opens it the rest of the way.

3 thoughts on “DiResta: Buck Knife Auto Conversion

  1. Scott Tuttle says:

    he had me till he broke out the mill

    1. Benjamin Amadeus Buccino says:

      If you were patient enough you could achieve a similar thing using hand tools but not with steel or anything hardened. That being said, making the spring weaker and the axle thicker might jut fix the problem he had in the video and you wouldn’t need to build it with anything else.

  2. Arzu Yılmaz says:

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