Dirt cheap $50 Android tablet prototype

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Seriously, I’ve spent more on dirt for our backyard garden than you’d end up paying for this tablet from Allgo Systems. Technology demonstrations, such as in the accompanying video, lower barriers of entry and expose new possibilities that normally wouldn’t exist. For a few dollars more than the leading name brand microcontroller board you could have a complete system with I/O, display, storage, etc. I know it’s like comparing apples to oranges, but it does get you wondering. What sort of projects would you build with cut-rate tablet hardware? [via liliputing]

2 thoughts on “Dirt cheap $50 Android tablet prototype

  1. rallen says:

    Set the usb to emulate an HID device, and setup a bunch of macros activated by hitting icons (like buttons?). That should let you emulate: a keyboard and mouse, flashdrive, touchtablet for paint and vector art, etc… It would make a great graphical frontend controller for motion control projects. It would be the new Arduino.

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