Disco Jacket Responds to Guitar Licks

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Disco Jacket Responds to Guitar Licks
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The video above features the “Super Guitar Licks Rock Star Jacket,” the brainchild of Karen O’s stylist Christian Joy (skip to 3:06 to watch it in action). She wanted to create a piece of wearable tech that drew its inspiration from the heralded denim jackets of the 80’s that were so often customized with patches, spikes, and studs.

The resulting apparel has several LED PCBs sewn into it that are controlled by a piece of software written for Intel’s Ultrabook laptop. This was a project spawned by a challenge from Intel to propose and complete a project in 28 days. Christian had friends in the music and tech world bring the idea to fruition.
The lights on the jacket are responding to specific frequencies being played on a guitar, so that different parts of the jacket light up at different times and with varying frequency. The LEDs look super-bright– sure to add enough sparkle and shine to any guitar solo.

Images by Intel UK

[via The Creators Project]

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