7 DIY Star Wars Builds to Take You to the Dark Side

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In the end, you probably want the “good guys” to win, but the best movies always seem to portray something appealing about the bad guys. In the Star Wars universe, the Dark Side arguably has cooler spaceships, and they definitely have cooler walking vehicles. Check out these seven excellent DIY Imperial builds and get inspired to build your own. Lord Vader would be proud!

AT-ST Costume



Although apparently vulnerable to log-attacks, the AT-ST “chicken walker” is one of the coolest vehicles the Empire has to offer. As seen in this build, it’s also a good candidate for a human costume. Made primarily out of foam, this little walker isn’t an entirely accurate scaling-down of the original, but is instead a miniature interpretation of the beast.



If you’re an extremely dedicated Star Wars fan, you can have this All Terrain Armored Transport in only six and a half weeks and 60 hours of work. At least that’s how long it took the Dutilly family to procure their walker. The results are quite impressive, and they are ready to invade Hoth at a moment’s notice!

Lego Star Destroyer Destruction

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This may be Make:, not Destroy:, but sometimes things just need to be dropped in slow motion. As this certainly took many hours to make, this type of destruction would normally be a disaster. On the other hand, it could serve as a reminder that if there’s a possibility of your next project becoming an epic failure, be sure to get video of it!

[via CNET]

AT-AT Made of Snow


Given the snowy environment where AT-AT walkers first made their appearance, this build seems extremely appropriate. For instructions on how to make this type of sculpture and to check out more great pictures, check out the build log.

AT-AT Snow Fort


For another take on an AT-AT snow sculpture, here is one that has already been destroyed. As you can tell by the house in the background, the scale is quite impressive.

Tie Fighter Costume


It’s hard to pick out an Imperial vehicle more iconic than the TIE fighter. This costume, featuring a light-up ion drive and blasters, should impress any Rebel scum prowling around the neighborhood!

Star Destroyer Quadcopter

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You may be familiar with some of Olivier C’s other excellent quadcopter facades, but this one is made to look like a dreaded Star Destroyer. The build is interesting enough, but the video work, including interesting flybys at the beginning, and a “surprise” around 1:50 definitely make the video worth watching!

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