DIY Sandel Up-Grade

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DIY Sandel Up-Grade

well raveled woman-sandles

A Well Traveled Woman is a lovely blog capturing the adventures of a mom of two boys creating a life on a farm in a yurt. She had me at Yurt, and enhanced my adoration with her DIY post where Bekah shows us how to re-vamp an old pair of sandles with colorful thread.

8 thoughts on “DIY Sandel Up-Grade

  1. audrey horne says:


  2. Shirking Violet (@Shirking_Violet) says:

    It’s actually spelled SANDALS, not “sandles”. :)

  3. Judy Brennan says:

    Thanks to those who beat me to the sandals….
    isn’t there an editor on board?

    1. Meg Allan Cole says:

      Fixed! Thank you.

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