DIY Waterproof Camera Enclosure

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DIY Waterproof Camera Enclosure

Here is a great project since summer is just around the bend, although you could use this for ice fishing. Either way, this site has a great set of instructions on how to make a waterproof enclosure for your electronics.

This design will work with almost any camera, digital camera, or camcorder. It gives you access to all the camcorder’s features. You can either look through the bag into the viewfinder or use the LCD, although most LCDs aren’t any good in sunlight. I wanted mine for kitesurfing, but it’ll work underwater too. If it leaks you’ll be able to see water in the bottom of the bag or bubbles escaping and return to the surface before your camera is harmed.

DIY Waterproof Camera Enclosure – Link


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8 thoughts on “DIY Waterproof Camera Enclosure

  1. The Oracle says:

    This idea is at least a few decades old. I’ve also seen better implementations on this blog (one that uses a UV filter as the part in front of the lens comes to mind.

    Also, the drawback is they do leak, and you’re not going to see water in the bottom of the bag before any damage is done to your electronics.

  2. MadScott says:

    This is a good “splashproof” project, but the bag won’t protect against pressure, so no deep diving. The page lists putting alka-seltzer in the bottom of the bag to indicate water leakage (and provide buoyancy) — clever!

  3. Digart says:

    The idea is old indeed, I was teenager when long time ago I used sealed plastic bag to keep flashlight working underwater when hunting for crawfish.
    Though now I need it just as survival kit for my new Fuji HD2000. But may be this can be useful for somebody. Here is illustrated DIY how I made it.

  4. Cindy C says:

    Amazing, Is the last one made by you? It can be compared with items on sell. Ingenious men!

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