Domo-kun iPod Case Tutorial

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Inspired by a classic desktop picture of a kitty running from little Domo-kuns, cookiedough on has a tutorial on how to make a monster iPod case. Link.

8 thoughts on “Domo-kun iPod Case Tutorial

  1. cyberphin says:

    Domo-kun! or Mr. Thank you for a literal translation.

  2. stardustgrrl says:

    Yup, that is indeed Domo-kun! Not just some random fuzzy monster. I’m honestly a little shocked you’ve never heard of him before. Google and Wikipedia are your friends.

  3. nataliezee says:

    Thanks for the name! I’ve seen this around but forgot it. :)

  4. craftyKitty says:

    i just wanna make a plushie of him =….)

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