Weave Hypnotic Spiral Art on an Embroidery Hoop

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Weave Hypnotic Spiral Art on an Embroidery Hoop

Kate Tedesco had admired the art of weaving from afar for quite some time before she decided to plunge headfirst into the craft. She found an old wooden embroidery hoop and used that as the loom for her first project. She’s since moved on to bigger and better looms, but she still, on occasion, finds alternative looms for weaving.

Recently, she wrote a few tutorials on how to circle weave using an embroidery hoop for the loom. “I have a circle loom, but felt more people would be able to participate in circle weaving with a more affordable option, so I put together a tutorial on how to weave on an embroidery hoop,” Tedesco explained.



Circle weaving is all about working your yarn and fiber in a spiral, which can lend itself well towards hypnotic designs and winding patterns. The tutorials, which feature her own gorgeous artwork, cover how to add warp thread to an embroidery hoop, how to do circular weaving, and how to finish off the edges.



Really, her whole site is a fantastic resource for practical weaving skills. Tedesco’s blog emerged from her own efforts to teach herself to weave. She found her research took her to many different sites, which catalogued weaving skills with varying levels of clarity, so the goal of the Weaving Loom is to collect all the information she learned into a one-stop site. “I really love weaving and I love to share information with others so that they can enjoy it too,” she said. If you have even an inkling of an interest in weaving or in lap looms you should check it out.

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