Dream captcha – stops spammy nightmares?

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Dream captcha  – stops spammy nightmares?


Jeffrey Augustine Songco made this rather foreboding dream catcher featuring a captcha text –

I’m really interested in the relationship between my identity and the Internet. I’m interested in how I can become someone else or learn more about myself by using the Internet. Regardless of what that identity is, Dream Captcha is a work about protecting that identity.

Not so sure I’d want it next to my sleeping quarters, looks a bit more like cryptic curse than a defense. – Dream Captcha
[via Neatorama]

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4 thoughts on “Dream captcha – stops spammy nightmares?

  1. Jeffrey Augustine Songco says:

    Hi Make. Jeff Songco here saying hello! I feel like we’re best friends. I see you on Twitter! And you see me! Thank you so much for posting my Dream Captchas up here. This site is so cool. Please hire me some day.

  2. Collin Cunningham says:

    Hi Jeff – keep up the awesome work!

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