Driven to tears by sand painting

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Sand painting in front of a large audience and what looks like American Idol-style judging? Who knew? Really fascinating to watch. And amazing to see that audience members are driven to tears by the experience. There are a whole bunch more of these sand painting vids on YouTube. My momma used to say: You should put a new wrinkle on your brain every day. This is definitely a new wrinkle. [Thanks, Dan!]

12 thoughts on “Driven to tears by sand painting

  1. fenwick says:

    That was awesome. I was thrown off a little bit by the Metallica near the end, though.

    1. Mike says:

      I guess you didn’t recognize “Harmageddon” earlier in the video, fenwick. Those are Metallica covers by a group called “Apocalytica”…
      I have to say, I never liked Metallica, but apparently the music itself is good, as I really like Apocalyptica.

      Also, the emotion that performance captured was amazing. As a neophyte to the art form, I was very impressed.

      1. Mike says:

        Er, actually, I apologize; After minor research, I learned that “Harmageddon” was one of Apocalyptica’s first original song (not a cover of Metallica).

        I apologize for the inaccuracies in my last comment.

  2. pff says:

    sand painting

    1. zof says:

      If you watch it you can see everything she draws(for the lack of a better term) is in sand on top of an illuminated stand.

  3. NickS says:

    Ukraine lost approximately 7.5 million people during World War II. Ukraine’s loss of about 7.5 million people is greater than the total military loss of the USA, Canada, British Commonwealth, France, Germany and Italy all put together.

    So, when music and imagery of this tragedy is put together, it’s unsurprising that a Ukrainian audience would tear up a little.

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