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DVD Dead Drop

For this new commissioned work, artist Aram Bartholl (Berlin, b. 1972) will embed an inconspicuous, slot-loading DVD burner into the side of the Museum, available to the public 24 hours a day. Visitors who find the Dead Drop and insert a blank DVD-R will receive a digital art exhibition, a collection of media, or other featured content curated on a monthly cycle by Bartholl or selected artists. DVD Dead Drop imbues the act of data transfer with a tangibility left behind in a world of cloud computing and appstores, using a medium—the digital versatile disc—that is quickly becoming another artifact of the past.

Some readers might recall Aram’s Dead Drops embedded flash drives that he worked on in 2010. [via Beyond the Beyond]

4 thoughts on “DVD Dead Drop

  1. trkemp says:

    I wonder how well it will handle other fun things that will inevitably find their way into an exposed outdoor hole. This seems more susceptible to foreign objects than the USB dead drop.

  2. Schumi23 says:

    Im getting back to NY on the 15th, and you can be sure I will go to the museum to try iy out! (I am guessing it is he museum or the moving image, as that is were the link goes to.)

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