Easy 5-Minute T-Shirt Halter Refashion

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By Nikol Lohr
Yes, it’s sewing month here on CRAFT. But there are crafty moments when a quick refashion only calls for a pair of scissors. If you’re like me, you’ve got a stack of nostalgic 90s baby tees sucking the life out of one of your dresser drawers. Mine are old band shirts and website shirts from the dot-com boom (plus a handful of newer shirts from a busty girlfriend who thinks anyone endowed with less than a D cup must wear a small). I can’t part with them, but I’m certainly not going to wear a size-too-small belly shirt anytime soon. Happily, a tight girly tee quickly converts to a nice-fitting halter. The knit fabric doesn’t require finishing, but feel free to serge or hem it if you prefer.
Parents of little girls: this is a great summer life-extender for a favorite T-shirt your daughter has outgrown but won’t relinquish! And what’s cuter than a beached toddler in a halter top?!
Nikol Halter2


Old baby T that still fits It can be uncomfortably tight but it must have its collar intact. Scoop necks are great, but a crew neck will work, too.


Nikol Halterstep1
Step 1: Cut off the sleeves.
Lay the shirt flat and make a straight cut through both layers from outside collar to armpit on either side.
Nikol Halterstep2
Step 2: Trim the bottom.
Try the shirt on and note a point 6″-8″ below your bra strap. Lay the shirt flat, face up, and cut off the excess through both layers.
Try it on again and pull it snug from the back. If you want it shorter, trim the excess. I left the sample fairly long.
Nikol Halterstep3
Step 3: Cut out the collar.
Lay the shirt flat, face down. Cut off the fabric around the outside of the collar on the back layer only, leaving the collar completely intact. Trim off the tag.
Nikol Halterstep4
Step 4: Cut back the ties.
Find the center back along the bottom edge. At the center back, cut a slit 1″ up from bottom edge. Cut a straight line through the back layer only from the top of the slit to the armpit, then repeat on the other side. To wear, put the collar over your head and knot the straps in back.
About the Author:
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Nikol Lohr lives at The Harveyville Project with her partner, 2 cats, 7 sheep, and 7 hens. She’s the author of Naughty Needles and founder of Yarn School. She blogs at The Thrifty Knitter, is cupcake on Ravelry, and queenievonsugarpants on Flickr.

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