Exterminate the Chill: Knit Doctor Who-Inspired Dalek Mittens

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Exterminate the Chill: Knit Doctor Who-Inspired Dalek Mittens



I have to admit that I’m kind of obsessed with these mittens. I mean, the design is absolutely perfect, and I’m utterly convinced that every geek within a twenty mile radius will sense their awesomeness and squee with joy every time somebody wears a pair outside.

Want to make a them yourself? Head over to Just Crafty Enough to download Kat’s fantastic (and free) Dalek Mittens knitting pattern!

Now, I dare you to make a pair and try wearing them without zipping your hands around and yelling “EXTERMINATE!!” at every possible opportunity. Because, I’m pretty sure it will be impossible.

Looking for even more Doctor Who DIY? Make your own TARDIS phone charging station with this easy-to-follow CRAFT-exclusive tutorial!

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  1. TRL1027 says:

    I can’t unsee the fact that this looks like a Dalek with a huge erection

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