Featured Maker: Michele Banks

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Washington, DC artist Michele Banks, aka Artologica, is a painter who, in her own words, “uses an old and often-disrespected medium, watercolor, to create pieces that are anything but old-fashioned.” Her works in Makers Market focus on biological and medical themes, particularly the microscopy of living cells. Shown above is Cell Division Blue 1, a 12 x 9″ canvas executing using a special “wet-on-wet” painting technique. Michele sells originals only and does not make prints.

Atrial Fibrillation. 6 × 9″ on extra-heavy watercolor paper. 4 x 11″ acid-free white mat. Signed.

Purple Mitosis 2 – Anaphase. 4 x 6″ on extra-heavy watercolor paper. 8 x 10″ acid-free white mat.

Cell Division 1. 9 x 12″ on extra-heavy watercolor paper. 16 x 20″ acid-free white mat. Signed.
Michele herself says:
I live in beautiful Washington, DC, with my husband, daughter and cat. I participate in a lot of art festivals and shows around the DC area, and I’m also deeply involved with a great organization called Artomatic, which puts on gigantic art shows in empty buildings.

You can see more of Michele’s work in her Makers Market store.

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