Badgelife: Where Art And Electrical Engineering Collide

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Badgelife: Where Art And Electrical Engineering Collide

One aspect of the maker community that continues to provide constant inspiration is the sub-communities that seem to appear. This documentary takes us into a sub-culture of artist/engineers designing creative conference badges. These aren’t your typical laminated card stock, these are electronic pieces of art. In this case however, the electronics aren’t mere components, but the canvas on which the art is made.

You may find yourself thinking “every conference has a badge that is at least somewhat a work of art, right?” sure, but at Defcon, you’ll find badges from different makers everywhere you look. There is an official badge for the event but this year there were over 60 badges brought by attendees, speakers, and event organizers. These badges are works of electronic art, typically performing some kind of interesting tasks and amusing displays.

Sophi Kravitz of Hackaday attended this year and caught the phenomenon in this short documentary about badgelife.

Feature image: AND!XOR on twitter


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