Dad Builds Incredible Low Rider Pedal Car For Daughter

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Dad Builds Incredible Low Rider Pedal Car For Daughter
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When Tijuana Rick found out he was going to have a daughter, he started brainstorming projects he could do. Would he remodel a baby room? Build a crib? Construct a custom low-rider power wheels with functioning faux hydraulics? I think we all know where he landed on that one.

The little gypsy is a completely custom built, radio controlled, 1962 impala. From the paint job to the custom 3D printed wheels, this little car is a work of art. Much of this custom work required that Rick learn some new skills

The most difficult part of many of my builds is the ideation process and then settling on a direction. I tend to have multiple tangents during a project, what-ifs, this would be cool too kind of thoughts. In the end, I rely on my skill set to get the job done before the deadline. One area that stands out are the 3d printed lowrider wheels and tires. I had never 3d modeled before and taught myself Fusion 360, through trial and error, I was finally able to print an acceptable tire and wheel combination – true to the 1970’s style wheels of original lowriders.

You can follow along with Rick’s future builds on his website or instagram.


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