Gorgeous Glass Sculptures Look Like In-Progress Knitting

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Gorgeous Glass Sculptures Look Like In-Progress Knitting

Carol Milne has been creating sculptures since college, but it was in graduate school that she decided to concentrate on working with glass. She was drawn to it because “it’s a material that forces the two sides of my brain to work together, requiring a balance of opposing strengths: artist vs engineer.”

Photography by Carol Milne
Photography by Carol Milne

What really makes Milne and her work stand out is her glass sculptures that look like knit works in progress. To create these intriguing pieces, Milne begins by coiling strands of wax on knitting needles. After unfurling them, she intertwines the loops to create a knitted piece. Using the lost-wax casting process, Milne creates her finished pieces that give the illusion that the glass has actually been knit together.

2_Milne_Hand dyed copy

Milne purposely leaves these glass sculptures looking like incomplete knit projects: “As a creator of objects, the creative act always holds precedent over the finished product…making work that is unfinished is my way of saluting the process with its own product.”

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