Join Our Free Live Learning Event To Make Vegan Leather in Your Kitchen with Kombucha

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Join Our Free Live Learning Event To Make Vegan Leather in Your Kitchen with Kombucha

Christine will be teaching this live learning event for free on April 18. You have to reserve your spot though, so go sign up before all the seats are full and you have to watch an archive instead. 

Have you ever thought to yourself: “If only I could grow a material to make cool clothes and that had low impact on the environment?”

vegan leather

Then look no further! It’s easy to make your own vegan leather from kombucha in your kitchen (or where ever you have a little extra space). Dry it, shape it, and sew it to create your own unique designs. Take a deep dive into kombucha’s huge potential as a textile and how to optimize it for comfortable wear. Plus, learn about disposal options once you’re ready for a new look.

A Little Background on Kombucha:

Kombucha is a term that refers to a fermented tea as well as the Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) that grows on top of the tea. This SCOBY is a mat of bacterial cellulose which ferments tea into kombucha. A  SCOBY is remarkable and will grow to fit the shape of whatever container it is brewing in, and will grow thicker in sheets or layers when fresh sweet tea is added. Once a SCOBY piece grows to fit the shape of the container, it is called a “mother” and can be cut into smaller pieces to start multiple kombucha tea fermentations. Kombucha tea starts with freshly brewed sweet green or black tea with a piece of SCOBY. The process takes one to two weeks before a new pellicle of kombucha bacterial cellulose is formed.

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