Giant Sculptures and Kinetic Art Come to Maker Faire Bay Area 2018

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Giant Sculptures and Kinetic Art Come to Maker Faire Bay Area 2018

Easily one of my favorite parts of Maker Faire Bay Area is the spectacle of big art. Sure, other Maker Faires get some of these attractions, but the proximity and personal friendships with so many artists in the area (and connected to Burning Man) means that the Bay Area gets the most.

Every year I get giddy just thinking about some of the fantastic pieces I’ll finally be able to witness in person, because videos and pictures simply don’t do them justice. Here are a few that have caught my eye this year and I simply can’t wait to go see them in real life.

The Trace

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Joel Stockdill will be gracing us with an installation from The Trace. They’ve been traveling around the world, creating gargantuan sculptures from locally sourced trash. You wouldn’t have any idea that these are made from refuse though, they look stunning.

Clock Ship Tere

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The Clock Ship Tere is a kinetic art vehicle originally designed for Burning Man that demonstrates all kinds of mechanical linkages and interesting visual styles. This thing is simply incredible to look at (especially when the fire starts poofing)!

Prosthesis Mech Racing

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Imagine strapping yourself into a huge multi-legged robot and trying to out maneuver your opponents in a race that involved stamina, endurance, and coordination. These bots aren’t simply a push-the-pedal and go kind of thing, it takes some real grit to pilot them. Prosthesis mech racing is hoping to bring a league of these bots together to compete to see who really is the best.


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Clody Cates’ DreamPipes will be making an appearance at Maker Faire this year. With mesmerizing lights and a twisting confused structure, her vision is a sight to behold.


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As a lover of things cephalopod, this sculpture is one of my absolute favorites. People turn the knobs around the perimeter to make various parts of the sculpture undulate and move. It isn’t new this year but I can’t help but be excited to see it again.

Bruce Beasely

World renowned sculptor Bruce Beasely will be showing something off at the faire. Bruce has been creating incredible pieces for years that shift your perspective and warp your mind. Displayed all over the world, his work is typically large and beautiful. I’m not sure exactly what he’s bringing, but I can’t wait to find out.

These are just the pieces that I already know about and am excited to see. There’s usually a surprise or two as well. Be sure to get your tickets soon so you don’t miss out!

Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 is going to be held in San Mateo on May 18-20.

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