Maker Spotlight: Ian Jaucian

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Maker Spotlight: Ian Jaucian

Name: Ian Jaucian
Home: Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Makerspace: art studio at 1335MABINI
Day job: Art Gallery staff at 1335MABINI / visual artist


Robotics : Art

Ian Jaucian’s present-day quest to merge both art and science was foreshadowed by a simple, oft-occurring pastime in his childhood — sitting with a blank sheet of paper, pencil in one hand, drawing dinosaurs. If you were to put your lines of both thought and sight behind his general perception, it would entail mentally exploding a mechanism down to its tiniest and most minuscule of components.

Penciled dinosaurs were then followed by taking, making, ungluing, separating, sawing, cutting and breaking things apart — bits and pieces that, in a span of a few hours would again be put back together.

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Genetic Code Music Player

Originally trained as a painter in art school, he has then collected and grown and fostered and invented a colorful, brilliantly offbeat artistic oeuvre teeming with an intelligently-fashioned motley of robots, machines, interactive installations, and mechanisms, built from the stuff of darkly humored satiric matter.

He promotes maker culture and open-source technology development through art exhibitions, talks, and workshops.

You can find his work online:
1335MABINI | Make:

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