Turn a Trash Can into a Bioshock Pneumo Tube

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Turn a Trash Can into a Bioshock Pneumo Tube



If you’ve played the award winning game Bioshock, or any of it’s sequels, you’ll immediately recognize this pneumo tube. Patterned after real pneumatic mail systems, the pneumo tubes are scattered through the game and play a role at several points in communicating with others.

Jason Babler (formerly our Creative Director) has taken on the task of creating a little desktop version of the game prop. This is actually just the beginning. They’re planning on publishing a whole series of these!

Last year, we created a real-world vigor bottle based off one awesome fan’s suggestion. That inspired our resident sculptor and DIY-er, Jason Babler, to kick off 2017 with a new series – “BioShock Builds.” Every month, we’re spotlighting fan DIY crafts, recipes and all sorts of crazy fan builds inspired by the BioShock series.


The transformation from boring ol’ trash can to authentic looking pneumo tube took Jason about 2 days, but he says you could probably speed that up a bit if you weren’t waiting for paint to dry. He also notes, in the blog post at 2k games, that he left the top of the trash can functional so that he could use it. If you wanted to seal that up, you could do it pretty well with filler.



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