6 Projects to Justify Hoarding Your Bottle Caps

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If you, for whatever reason, have been collecting bottle caps, perhaps you’d like to know what to do with them. You could recycle them, but if you’d like to display your collection for all to see, why not enshrine them in a table, countertop, or even wall? Here are several ideas!

Bottle Cap Countertop


The above countertop is a great build, but the amount of work and planning involved is also staggering. Per the project’s writeup, friends and family saved bottle caps for over 5 years for the build. Actually building the structure, including sorting and placing caps, was a pretty involved project as well!

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Modified Coffee Tablecap2

If you’d like something a little less involved, you can modify an existing coffee table to make a fun bottle cap table. Though certainly simpler than a large countertop, the number of caps still shouldn’t be underestimated, and took the authors quite a while to save enough of them. One tip they offer is to, “Buy microbrews based on how cool the caps are, not how good the beer is.” This confirms my suspicion that beer consumption is now being driven by bottle art rather than taste!

Bottle Cap Poker Table

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Here’s an entire poker table covered with bottle caps. Nice looking trays are embedded to hold chips and drinks. I’d have to guess they used fewer bottle caps than the countertop featured earlier, this build likely took as much if not more work. A really amazing build!

Texas Flag Table


This table, which you can see finished here, is made using a technique where the flag of Texas was first put on a table in vinyl, then covered with bottle caps. That flag was chosen in part because of its fairly simple geometry, but note that some of the caps were cut with tin snips to closely follow the single star.

Bottle Cap Wall

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For a different – and expansive – take on bottle cap art, an entire wall in this company’s office was covered in bottle caps. If you’re wondering why this company was cool enough to decorate a wall this way, it should be noted that it’s name is “KegWorks,” so it likely fits in quite nicely. One interesting note is that they used a magnetic wall to fasten the caps, which could be useful in some other build situations.

Tutorial Video

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If the excellent tables seen here have convinced you that you need to make one yourself, here’s a tutorial to get you started. There are several good techniques here that you might not think of initially, so it’s probably worth a few minutes of your time to go through a few tutorials, rather than wasting months or years of bottle caps on a failed project!


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