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Flickr Geotagging


Ok, simple DIY hacks have been around for a while, but Flickr is rolling out the red carpet on geotagging your photos.

If you just want to jump in and start geotagging, open the new ‘map’ tab in the organizr and go for it. It’s all drag and drop and easy to figure out. Since location information has its own privacy setting — so you can keep the location the photo was taken private, even when the photo is public — you’ll be asked to set a default privacy setting before beginning. [via] – Link

4 thoughts on “Flickr Geotagging

  1. IrregularShed says:

    If you live in the UK – or possibly, more generally, outside the US – the official Flickr geotagging is unusably poor, as you can see from when I tried to use it:

  2. eduman says:

    True, Yahoo Maps are just good quality for US and Canada. If you prefer Google Maps instead of Yahoo Maps Panoramio ( ), may be an option for you. You also can watch the geolocated photos in Google Earth through KML feed ( ), what is quite impressive.

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