Floyd’s Functional Tattoo

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Floyd’s Functional Tattoo

Chitown artist and carpenter Floyd A. Davis IV of Artpentry not only makes the radically awesome Gentleman’s Boomboxes that we’ve blogged before, but he also has one of the best maker tattoos I’ve seen. Naturally, the lines of the notebook are normally blank, making his materials list always accessible. Tattoo by Jason Hoodrich, done at Code of Conduct.

27 thoughts on “Floyd’s Functional Tattoo

  1. Chrome6 says:

    Link to the tattoo, perhaps?

    1. Gareth Branwyn says:

      Do you not see the image of the tattoo in the post?

      1. Goli Mohammadi says:

        Yeah, not much of a link to post, since the only thing on the page was the image: http://artpentry.com/post/16882188578/functional-tattoo-by-jasonhoodrich-over

        1. Chrome6 says:

          Now, that link would have been useful. None of the links in the post go to that image.
          Thank you!

          1. Goli Mohammadi says:

            Just dropped it in the post, too. It’s on his Artpentry homepage, but you have to scroll down a bit. Didn’t know we were having image view issues — sorry about that — we’ll look into it. Thanks!

      2. Keith Neufeld says:

        Nope. Images have been randomly absent from posts about half the time for the last week or two. Gone on one visit, back on the next, gone later. Right now is a gone time.

        1. miroslava von schlochbaum says:

          typically wordpress guck… ‘data-lazy-loaded=”true”‘. for example in:
          <img data-lazy-loaded=”true” style=”display: inline;” src=”http://makezineblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/floyds-functional-tattoo.gif” alt=”” title=”floyds-functional-tattoo” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-235284″ height=”600″ width=”600″>
          will often leave out a critical image if there’s the slightest load. you might try counting to your favorite prime number and click “reload”

      3. Chrome6 says:

        No, nothing there.

  2. miroslava von schlochbaum says:

    i’ve occasionally wondered why game-boards aren’t a common tattoo (backgammon would be obvious)

    1. Rob Cruickshank (@robcruickshank) says:

      Or tic-tac-toes

      1. miroslava von schlochbaum says:

        or “Operation™”

  3. Bob says:

    Ya I’m not a big fan of wordpress

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  11. ameyring says:

    There was a brief time when images were missing, but things seem okay now. Site seems most efficient in Chrome or Firefox.

    1. Goli Mohammadi says:

      Thanks for letting us know! Cheers!

  12. paul says:

    How many pages are in the notebook? Can you tear pages out and swallow it if you get caught cheating? Finally who wouldn’t be proud to have a tat that speaks chapters of your strong character morals.

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    palmar hyperhidrosis

    Floyd’s Functional Tattoo | MAKE

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