Generate house music with the number Pi

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Generate house music with the number Pi


The “Pi House Generator” by Texas-based artist Paul Slocum is a software system that randomly generates house music using the number Pi. The software calculates the sequence of digits in Pi and feeds the resuls into an algorithmic music generator containing the structural driteria or recipe for house music.
The resulting music is pretty funky and you can listen to a sample here.

Pi House Generator

10 thoughts on “Generate house music with the number Pi

  1. pemdasi says:

    I bought this exact radio at goodwill recently. Wierd.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what about e and 2^0.5? there has to be more

  3. asdfasdf says:

    You should put up an epilepsy warning. The site is incredibly annoying.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Eh, it’s decent, and it’s an interesting topic, but serialist music is really a big step backwards from where we are…Phillip Glass is turning in his, well, he’s still alive, so he’s probably just turning right now.

  5. Paul Slocum says:

    It’s a good criticism, but I’d say that you’re putting too much emphasis on the generative/music part of the project. I think that we think similarly, because I wouldn’t have considered the project interesting enough to be worth the effort without the computational aspects of the project (the time it takes to calculate pi vs. Moore’s law). The music was intended to be kinda like wallpaper behind a larger concept and symbolism.

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