This Gorgeous Crochet Wedding Dress Only Cost $30

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This Gorgeous Crochet Wedding Dress Only Cost
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Photo by Jerome Tso Photography.

Chi Krneta went unconventional with her wedding dress and the outcome is simply stunning. She worked on this beautiful crochet dress everyday during her bus ride for five months. Once the dress was complete, Krneta sewed a simple dress lining to wear under the crocheted portion.

The whole dress only cost her $30 to create, and that’s including the fabric for the lining [individuals have pointed out that her time is worth something and that is entirely true, so this cost is just in regards to supplies and she clarifies this a bit on her Reddit post: “The dress was practically free because I didn’t spend much money on it (under $30 for all of the materials including fabric for the lining) and I didn’t spend much extra time on it. My commute time couldn’t be used for anything else anyway.”].

She originally posted about her creation on Reddit and news of it spread quickly.

After getting so much attention, Krneta wrote up the pattern for her wedding dress and put it on Ravelry. The dress is made up of a common pineapple stitch and she decided to post it in two parts so people could make the basic dress for everyday wear or add a train and make their own wedding gown.

She named her creation the Chrysanthemum Gown after the flowers at her wedding.

The gown looks very comfortable and is machine washable. It can also be very versatile and Krneta plans on wearing it in the future with different colored linings underneath and the train pinned/tucked up in different ways.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Krneta managed to nab the award for best dress design from

Check out her Flickr album to seem some more amazing photos of the completed wedding dress and in process images. Watch the quick video below to see the dress being put together section by section.

13 thoughts on “This Gorgeous Crochet Wedding Dress Only Cost $30

  1. fstedie says:

    A little misleading – 5 months x 4 weeks/mo x 5 days/wk = 100 days. Even if she only pays herself $15/hr and worked on it 1 hour a day, that is $1,500. Or you can say it cost $30 plus 100 hours of work…

    1. Stefany Blake says:

      So true. I am currently making my own wedding dress by crochet. Materials are cheap but hard work and sentimental value far out weight cost. My dress has so far racked up a $5000 cost if I use the pay vs. Hours worked scale.

  2. dolo58 says:

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  7. L_DV says:

    “only 30$”…. and countless hours honing the skill level required to create something of this caliber. Let’s not devalue the time and skill involved with the creation of this garment in the pursuit of attention grabbing headlines.

    1. rainydayinterns says:

      “Time” only has a $$ value if someone is willing to pay you for it. If not, then you are just kidding yourself.

      1. Joey says:

        So your time is not valuable unless somebody pays you for it? That’s kind of sad.

        1. rainydayinterns says:

          The time is valuable, very much so…but there is only has $$$ value associated if you can exchange it for that. How is that unclear? Thinking otherwise is just delusional.

  8. MarjorieBJames says:

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  9. Maria Droujkova says:

    Beautiful dress – kudos to Chi! I love how versatile it is depending on what’s under and around. Great design and great implementation.

    I also cringed at the title. Not classy. Sustainability is cool, but is it the main thing about this project? You could go with so many angles about the design, dedication, artistic merit – anything that celebrates all the work and creativity.

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