Grow Your Own Crystals in Eggshells

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Grow Your Own Crystals in Eggshells


Tired of long expeditions into deep dark mines in search of precious crystals? Take the easy route and grow your own!

You know that stuff you use in canning vegetables, the ingredient that gives pickles their crunch? It’s called alum, and it’s what you can use to create your very own crystals. You will likely find it in the grocery store’s spice aisle, or wherever you can purchase canning supplies.


The alum crystals won’t have any natural color in them, so this is something you will add to the water in the recipe. Once you’ve followed all the directions, it’s just a matter of sitting back and watching your precious little crystals grow into bigger and more beautiful ones. No back-breaking excavations required!

This project was created by Emma Chapman at A Beautiful Mess. Head over to get the full how-to!

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