Comment to Win: What Would You Make with a Swarovski Crystal Sampler?

We have a box of Swarovski crystal samples here at the Make: office, and we can’t wait to give it to a Maker who can build something amazing with them.

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Crafty Science: DIY Crystal Ball Jewelry with Borax Crystals

Crafty Science: Crystal Ball Jewelry with DIY Borax Crystals

Crafty chemistry meets pretty jewelry that’s fit for a princess in this cool crystal ball jewelry project with DIY borax crystals! Ready to hop on the grow-your-own-crystals trend? Get fancy with this new easy-to-follow borax crystal crystal ball jewelry video tutorial from Mark Montano!

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How-To: Crystal-Topped Jewelry Box

Grow your own faux geode, then use your DIY gem to create some stylish storage with this fun crystal-topped jewelry box tutorial!

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