Hack this CMOS tiny camera module contest complete…

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-soapy writes in noting that after many months the tiny CMOS camera challenge was figured out –

“Just for closure, here’s the discussion forum thread that tells you the answers, as this was reverse engineered after a little more than 5 months.”Link.

The contest:
“This is a 640×480 pixel resolution CMOS camera used in the Samsung E700 cellular phone. While 0.3 mega pixels may not sound like a lot, this module is one of the smallest, lowest cost CMOS imaging modules currently available to the embedded market…We would like to announce a $200 prize to the first user capable of capturing an image on the new CMOS digital camera. This 640×480 camera is extremely small, low cost ($19.95), and based on proven cellular technology.”Link.

In the forums someone is trying to get it to work with a Gumstix, and an ARM+AVR combo!

14 thoughts on “Hack this CMOS tiny camera module contest complete…

  1. Wiili08 says:


    De11er… C0mplete PwNAGE 0n Macs

    I’m using a De11 D1mension E310

  2. japroach says:

    19.95 isnt exactly low cost for that kind of res.. But to get it much cheaper you would need to buy many units (samsung probably pays

  3. japroach says:

    agh got got off for typing a less than sign..

  4. garyfixler says:

    I’m a big fan of Spark Fun, and found this contest thread awhile back, while browsing their electronics (the cam linked to the thread about REing it. It was so gripping, I read every page, and almost every comment! It was like watching pioneers creating the first space ship, or developing warp drive, and I particularly liked that each time user busonerd got farther, the group got a clearer picture of what he looked like :) So nerdily exciting! It was like receiving the first alien broadcasts – sketchy at first, and then later clearer and clearer as we honed in on the signal.

  5. Technofumble says:

    hah, well even if my own projects don’t get posted here, at least the threads (over on Spark Fun’s forums) I start do! :)

  6. rdarlington says:

    While reading the thread I read about serial cameras (they take commands and transfer image data via RS232). This seemed like a great way to add a camera to a gumstix board for my balloon project. I ordered one of these:


    If I get everything worked out, I’ll post code and instructions on using it with a gumstix single board linux based computer.

  7. Cathaholic says:

    I don’t spose there is anyone I can convince to do all the hard work in this project for me, for the price of the materials and such?

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