Halloween T-Shirt Trick or Treat Bag

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Halloween T-Shirt Trick or Treat Bag
By Future Craft Collective

Halloween season is here! Time to break out the pumpkins, the masks, and the scary makeup, and get out there to do a little trick or treating. When I was a kid we used pillow cases for our candy collecting, which were good in size but weren’t very easy to tote around for the several miles we did of door-knocking. This super simple project will serve as your pillow case replacement. And after Halloween you can use it all year long as a handy tote for all of life’s sweet tote-ables.


Halloween T-shirt
Sewing machine
Thread to match T-shirt


Halloween Shirtbag 1
Step 1: Round up a Halloween T-shirt either from the bottoms of your kids’ dresser drawers or from the thrift store where they are in great abundance.
Halloween Shirtbag 2
Step 2: Turn the shirt inside out and sew the bottom of the shirt shut. Run 2 lines of stitches for strength.
Halloween Shirtbag 3
Step 3: Triangulate each corner of the bag and sew a line across, about 3″ in from the point.
Halloween Shirtbag 4
Step 4: Cut off the sleeves and neck.
Halloween Shirtbag 5
Step 5: With the shirt still inside out, roll over the hem at the sleeves and sew all the way around.
Halloween Shirtbag 6
Step 6: Roll over the hem at the neckline twice and sew all the way around.
Step 7: Turn your bag right side out and BOO! There it is!
Halloween Shirtbag 8
Step 8: Now get out there and get yourself some treats! This is actually a goblin dressed up as a 7-year-old girl named Esme.
About the Authors:
Future Craft Collective is brought to you by Kathie Sever and Bernadette Noll. Kathie is an accomplished seamstress, creator of Ramonsterwear Custom Western Wear, artist, and mother of two. Bernadette is a writer, co-founder of Slow Family Living, and mother of four. They have found renewed energy in their collaboration and are continuously amazed by the ideas, inspiration, and a-ha moments that have come from this shared effort.

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