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Jon Sarriugarte and Kyrsten Mate are longtime Maker Faire favorites, whether this husband-wife team is showing off their flame-throwing SS Alpha Fox robot, driving around in their posh Golden Mean Snail Car (also with flame-throwing capabilities), or expertly entertaining the masses from the stage of the Boiler Bar.
They’re well-known for metal fabrication, sculpture, fire arts, and dancing, so we were a little surprised — and ultimately thrilled — to see their handmade pennant flags and the corresponding how-to on their Form and Reform website.

cutting_flags.jpg silkscreen_flags.jpg

In true Jon and Kyrsten style, they ended up making 60 feet of these beautiful flags (yes, 60 feet), and created every part of them (Kyrsten even designed the star they silkscreened on each flag). And their beautiful daughter Zolie was on hand to “help” every step of the way.

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