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Daisy Edwards is an awesome animator and is currently working on She’s A Rebel a stop animated short film about the escapades of the kick-tuckus female pirate Anne Bonny and her trusty, dress-making side-kick Pierre.
She's a Rebel stop animation film-6.jpg
The film takes place in Pierre’s dress shop and continues on a pirate shop, ALL of which are handmade in teeny tiny detail. My mind is blown daily by the progression of this project, and I am in awe of the creativity taking shape before my very eyes. The characters are puppets who were created by hand, by Daisy.
She's a Rebel stop animation film-4.jpg
The puppets started out as a wire shape, were then built up with foam, and detailed with plastic molds. Their heads are rubber that has been sculpted and molded with painted beads as their eyes. Their hair is made of wool, and every piece of their costumes were hand sewn. On any given day visiting the set, you might find Daisy or her interns making a teeny tiny tufted couch or hand laying each and every popsicle stick that it took to make this floor!
handmade popsicle stick floor.jpg
Don’t even get me started on the pirate ship. It is one of the coolest creations I’ve seen. And again ALL HANDMADE.
handmade pirate ship.jpg
For more fascinating details on this film check out Daisy’s blog. If you are wondering what actress is going to give voice to the historic Irish pirate, Anne Bonny, it is little ole’ me!

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