Hanging Dish Towel Hack

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Hanging Dish Towel Hack


Are you constantly picking up fallen dish towels from the kitchen floor? This clever hack will keep them happily perched on your oven or drawer handles.

This is a simple little sewing project and a perfect Mother’s Day gift! If you like to be super ahead of schedule, you might as well make a batch for Christmas gifts too.



This should be a quick little project to whip up, and you may already have all the materials at home. Don’t feel like you need to go and buy new tea towels either, use the ones you already have!

All you need is a bit of fabric, some interfacing and a button. You could swap the button for some sew on velcro, though I think the button is much cuter. This is a great chance to play with your sewing machine’s button making feature, if it has one.

This project was created by Bonnie at Our Secondhand House. Click over for the full how-to.

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